Analog audio latency needs more than 300 ms. Advice?

My audio is off from my video stream by over 300 ms. If I could get 350 ms it would look perfect however I can’t. What might be possible to help with this? I am going out with xlr cables from a presonus studiolive AR12c

I saw some forum posts where they were discussing HDMI latency with no real resolve so I was hoping there would be some workaround here by changing some settings on something???

Please help. Thanks

Unfortunately 300ms is the maximum latency available, and you should generally never need more than that. It’s possible your signal chain between source and Pearl is adding additional latency. What is your physical setup and run lengths?

Run lengths are about 30 feet and are older xlr cabling. I didn’t realize longer xlr affected latency. I will try and switch these out with shorter ones that are maybe a better quality like mogami and see if this corrects the issue. I can’t see what else would be causing it. The setup is rather simple. The mixer goes straight to the pearl 2 using two xlr cables. The pearl 2 sits about 15 feet away and I was just using xlr cables I had laying around that were longer than necessary but I will try to minimize it to what is essential and try again. Thanks