Analog Audio into Webcaster

Are @Epiphan considering enabling the Analog audio input port even for beta testing? We really need to be able to input audio should we need to.

Unfortunately the audio port you refer to is electrically an output and not an input, it wouldn’t be possible for us to make this work as an input.

As an alternative you can use the beta USB audio feature to use the audio from a connected UAC (USB Audio Class) device instead of the HDMI audio.

alright thanks Adam for the response. Are there any plans to have the TF card install apps like a browser? Or add a logo/lower thirds to the interface?

Any plug-and-play “usb sound adapter” should work with the USB audio feature. This gives you analog audio inputs. They are about $7 on Amazon.

Thanks Victor. Will prolly buy another switcher. We have an old switcher that does not embed audio and does not output HDMI. so we wanted a way to send our program out to webcaster with audio included so we can stream our multi-camera events. But from what I gather and my research I would just advice getting a newer switcher model with HDMI out in the meantime will do the adapters and converters

I have observed that the miniaturization of these physical devices often means the companies have to decide which input and output connectors to accommodate. Given that some of the devices are smaller than an Apple TV, there’s only so much physical real estate on which to mount connectors.

rigid flex pcb design for assembly guidelines