Am getting "Address Familty not Supported" error message


Used to be rtmp://

Does the Pearl support rtmps over port 443?

This is indeed supported, just not on older firmware versions. You will need to update the firmware on the Pearl then this problem will go away! If the unit is on the internet you can update just by going to the Firmware Upgrade page and clicking check for updates. If it is not on the internet please email for an offline update file


I was able to
fix the downloaded issue and have updated the unit.

Thanks again!

Thanks! I was able to update the unit but now am getting a " Certificate not valid" error for Facebook.

Any idea which certificate I need and where I can get it?

Certificate not valid should be referring to the Facebook side not the Pearl side. Perhaps the date/time on the Pearl are incorrect? This could easily be the case if you can’t update the time via NTP. Please check on the Date and Time page to make sure these are correct.