Afu sftp speed limit?

Firmware Version 4.12.1d

afu sftp too slow.

– sftp afu[19191]: SFTP: File ‘Channel 4/Channel 4_Oct20_16-54-46.mp4’ (/data/videos/video4/VGA.1634716486.Channel 4.mp4) uploaded in 89s, 1.502 MB/s

– ftp afu[7976]: FTP: File ‘Channel 4/Channel 4_Oct20_16-54-46.mp4’ (/data/videos/video4/VGA.1634716486.Channel 4.mp4) uploaded in 3s, 52.962 MB/s

solution please

network and sftp server is ok. other client is working normally.
only “afu sftp” slow!! please

Hello Song,

Thank you for bringing this forward to our attention. we have filed an investigation with our development team to test and confirm the issue to try and better understand what might be occurring

Hi there, I’m also seeing these slow speeds with SFTP, was there a resolution to this?

Hello Chris,

I don’t believe we are aware of any issues at this time that would cause a slow transfer via SFTP when using Pearl. Could please let me know which firmware is installed on your Pearl device?