After Cold boot, DVI2USB3.0 can not be recognized by Windows 10

My DVI2USB3.0 grabber box always couldn’t be recognized by Windows 10 ltsc after a Cold boot, only unplug the USB cable and plug it again, it can work properly. However warm reset have no failure at all.
The driver version is the latest one Could you please guide me how to solve this ? Thanks.

Hello, thank you for reaching out on our forums! This behavior can sometimes happen if the computer in question has USB selective suspend enabled. This is a function within Windows that modifies the behavior of the USB ports, suspending activity on them whenever the computer is shut down or put to sleep, and in some cases after a certain amount of time.

Please try disabling this option by navigating to Settings, then System, and then Power & Sleep. Once there click on Additional Power Settings and then Change Plan Settings. On this page select Change Advanced Power Settings. In the box that pops up navigate to USB Settings and then USB Selective Suspend Setting, making sure this is set to Disabled. You may need to reboot your computer for this to fully take effect.

Hopefully, with this setting disabled you won’t see this same sort of behavior in the future. But if you continue to run into issues you can also contact us directly at to open a support ticket with our team. Hope you have a great rest of your day!