Accessing NDI sources on different Subnets ?!

We are now using several large interactive touchscreen displays (86") in our lecture rooms.

Via HDMI output on these displays and subsequent NDI hardware encoding (e.g. using a Newtek Spark) the display content is available for remote recording in the whole university network. Now it should also be recorded by a central PEARL2 system, too.

Unfortunately the PEARL2 is connected to a different IP subnet, so these NDI sources are currently inaccessible here and can not be detected !

Accessing NDI sources on different subnets is usually VERY EASY using the
NDI Access Manager (enclosed in the Free NDI Tools), … just entering the corresponding
IP address of any NDI source, here !!

  • But how could this managed on a PEARL-2 ? *

Actually it seems the PEARL2 detects NDI source on the same subnet ONLY using mDNS,
which limits DNS resolutions to the same subnet (See: LNCP multicast addresses at IANA.ORG).


does NOT help in this case.

Ilja Kaleck
University of Applied Sciences,
Wedel, Germany

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Unfortunately you are correct, the Pearl only supports ingesting NDI streams it can find via mDNS on the same local subnet. Sorry to say but for the time being there isn’t any workaround on the Pearl. I will mention this to the dev team as a suggestion for a future feature!

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I can’t seem to find any NDI sources using the Pearl2 and NDI tools.
I tried adding a pearl access group and searching for that but nothing shows up.

@Oldman_winter If the NDI sources are on completely different networks they would not be discoverable by Pearl. If this is the case, you will need to speak to a network admin to assist you in addressing this issue - port forwarding may be needed for this

No I checked and they are on the same subnet and same switch.
I don’t see the NDI output stream from the Pearl in NDI Studio Monitor either.

I can see streams from other PCs using NDI tools but I’m not seeing the Pearl.

Hang on, just before I hit reply I found the problem. You have to turn on network discovery in the Pearl network settings.

I’m glad you were able to identify and solve the issue! This is a good troubleshooting step for us in support as well!

Hmm I keep getting an error about not supporting time synchronization.
Sometimes it works but then it cuts out.

The guide shows an ignore time code option.
Would this fix it and what version do I need to get this as it’s not in my version.

The problem was being caused by using the area or “Region of Interest” option of NDI scan converter.
The full screen capture works just fine.

I need to register and get the latest firmware. The auto-update is being blocked at work.

For firmware you will need to email

oldman_winter how did you resolve this?

Screencast is here titler live NDI fail with Pearl 2

You state that it was caused by “region of interest” option of NDI Scan converter but I can’t seem to find this to disable etc. Not sure where or what that is but I’m getting the same freeze ups and dropped time code error. Please let me know any more about your resolve. Thanks!

Make sure you have the latest firmware. That fixed a lot of issues.
Also using the region of interest option of the NDI tools scan convertor, caused it to time out a lot.

Right click the scan convertor icon on the notification area to access the menu.
Move to the “Capture settings” menu and make sure “Region of Interest” is unchecked.

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Hi everyone,

we recently bought a Pearl2 for evaluating its NDI capabilities in a scenario described above (centralized lecture recording with different subnets on campus and over distributed campus). Unfortunately we discovered Pearl2 can’t be configured to use a IP address to point to the NDI source.
Is there any progress on this topic? I can think of other people running into the same problem.

By the way, did Epiphan consider supporting Opencast as a third CMS integration? Because from the data sheet, if the NDI problem and the Opencast support would be solved, a Pearl2 would excel most of the competitors, at least from the point of (public) Universities using Opencast.

Best regards

Hi there,

we are testing a Pearl 2 and facing the same issue. In general NDI works across subnets. So it would be fine to see an option to manually add a fqdn or ip address. The subnet issue is a fact we need to consider. We want to by at least 20 devices.

Kind Regads
University of Leipzig

Hello, happy to report that the next firmware update will indeed allow for accessing NDI streams across subnets by specifying an IP address!

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Cool, white in which time frame will it be released?

4.13 firmware update should be releaseing next week

How can we configure a NDI camera as source e.g. a Panasonic AW-UN70? Source is not discovered after entering the ip address in the ‘Extra source IP address’ field - even not if it is defined in the settings section. Need the fields group and name be filled? Whereby?

You can find the step by step guide for NDI sources here Option 3. c) outlines the subnet steps. If you’re still running into an issue with your NDI source after following the steps, you can reach out to for additional technical support, however we are limited on the support we can provide as we do not intimately know how your network is configured