Able to reset youtube stream without interrupting!

Although I am sure it has been said it could not be done, after about an hour and 40 minutes of my live stream, my connection became crummy and I was having dropouts, etc - the audio was still OK, but then I just unplugged and replugged the Webcaster without ending the stream on YouTube, and it continued on with a small missed spot in the broadcast, but more importantly, the stream health was better again and we finished off strong!

Good to hear it was able to recover. Youtube is usually pretty good and recovering from outages.

Nice that you could restart the X2 and it fixed the problem. Troublesome to think what could have caused the glitching to begin with. A bad connection would have continued to be bad even after a reboot since a reboot would not fix a bad connection. There is the possibility that the X2 was having internal issues supporting the setup for that long, maybe even something akin to a Windows memory leak scenario. Would be interested to know how the X2 was connected to the internet, wired, wireless, or connected via a mifi type device as well. Thanks for the report on your experience.

It seems the same scenario three or more times now, around 1:40 minutes or so into a feed, YouTube says Bad Quality and the video lags/stutters or No Data - last night it just dropped the connection. I am going wireless through Duke University’s secure network, if it were a wireless problem, I would guess I would have issues earlier in the stream, but it is always at that same 1 1/2 hour + mark that I lose the stream. I am using a Canon XA10 for HDMI and a Logitech 920 for USB at 720p, the XA10 is 1080p.
Rick Nelson

I would recommend trying a LAN connection to see if the issue is reproduced. You can also test the device on a completely different WIFI network, such as on a home network to see if the issue is reproduced. If the issue does not appear then it would identify the issue as being isolated to that specific wireless network.

BTW, I have had a stream where X2 says streaming issues( cannot remember what it said exactly), that viewers may have trouble viewing. Check my LAN speed (Comcast), that was good a 17Mbs up. So I went into X2 preferences and changed by Bit-rate from 4000 to 3000, and did not cure it. I then went down to 2000 and cleared up the problem, whatever it was! Stream looked fine on my phone. I was surprised to see that X2 preferences can be changed on the fly without problems. Yeah!

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