A permanent URL for live channel stream

Howdy folks,

At one point, I had a fixed url to send to clients for my channel live stream. I found this in a YT user forum post. At some point, this url no longer works. The url offered by the Webcaster X2 changes, but older versions seem to keep working. I wonder if giving this url is the best bet, or there is some working version of youtube.com/“channel-id” that would be a safer bet.

I have previously used the youtube.com/channel/CHANNEL_ID/live and this works well. You can find your CHANNEL_ID at https://www.youtube.com/account_advanced

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the response. This is what I was using, but it no longer works for me. Might be some issue with my Youtube account. Or quite possibly, Google changed something and broke this functionality.

Thanks anyhow!

I am a new user and created a private channel. So far, I can see streamed content, but I am wondering if I simply text or email the URL to people I want to be able to see my content, will they see it? Or, is there some kind of sign in required because I have a private channel?


If the event is private then only you can see it. But if it is instead unlisted then you can indeed send out the URL and anyone with the URL can watch the stream.

OK. So then if I do want it to be private, how do I send info to those I want to be able to see my private channels?

If you make a private event on YouTube then there is no way for anyone but yourself to see it unfortunately.

OK. I see. Thank you. I thought private meant “private group” So is there a way to make a channel that only those with, say a password or some other token, can watch?

Unfortunately YouTube does not have any password or token protection features. The best you could do for your setup on YouTube would be the unlisted stream.

An alternative option would be to use Facebook, where you could stream to a private Facebook Group that has limited members allowed in.

get the channel id at this link, as noted above: https://www.youtube.com/account_advanced

what can i write instead of this?

I’m sorry but I do not understand the question. Can you provide more context and information?