Custom RTMP server question

Does anyone know the name of the main android “app” on which the Webcaster X2 is based? I’m sure I saw an app that has an identical “Publishing Destination” “Video Title” etc. configuration screen but can’t seem to locate it now. I’m thinking it may be possible to replicate the Epiphan product with a generic Android tablet or Android box (so long as it has an hdmi in), using that app.

I was revisiting the usefulness of my Webcaster X2 this evening and I noticed that the old AVStudio has been replaced by and within Epiphan Cloud it appears that you can take the encoded video coming from the XCaster and send it directly to any RTMP feed? Does this mean the previously unable to use RTMP option is now viable with the Webcaster?

Unfortunately AV Studio and Epiphan Cloud are two completely different functioning platforms. Epiphan Cloud is a cloud-based fleet and remote management platform for the Pearl family of products. It allows for additional remote functionality such as start/stop of recordings and configured streams - as well as basic RTMP stream creations, remotely accessing the Web UI, monitoring device health, email notifications and more.
Webcaster integration on the legacy AV Studio platform provided a cloud-based recording option, when network bandwidth was a concern for streaming. You had the ability to create video projects from those recordings with basic editing options and download the completed video projects for consumption. The cloud-based recording and editing features were not ported over to the Epiphan Cloud platform, which focuses on fleet and remote management.
As Webcaster X2 was rendered legacy in March 2020, development resources have been refocused towards existing and new product lines, which means X2 is unfortunately not integrated with Epiphan Cloud or its RTMP streaming options dedicated to the Pearl family.

Uhg i thought i had finally found some good news with this thing. I bought the device like a month before it was shut down thinking this was the newest and best thing out from the reviews on amazon. Only to find out it was being phased out and is now legacy. Need to have like an exchange program or coupon code or something for the poor souls like me who got the device left behind. :frowning:

I bought Webcasterx2 last year, and because this non-feature, I am really disapointed. Also, due the new Youtube rules, when I go there to streaming, I always before to go live, have to make a Live scheduele. In this case, I think is really necessary you make a firmware update. Maybe it’s happen because the children contents. Sure you can fix it.
Let me know wath you can do to solve that, please?

Unfortunately Webcaster X2 was discontinued in March of 2020 and no further feature development is coming to the device. We are still certainly providing technical support to troubleshoot any issues the device may face however all development resources have been refocused onto active hardware solutions.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience